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Green Coffee Bean Extract

Before green coffee bean extracts were even available for potentially helping us lose weight, green coffee beans were still widely used and traded before.

If you are thinking of picking up your favorite variety of green coffee beans and roasting them at home you can choose from a wide range of appliances that are available in the market for home roasting. While deciding on a suitable appliance for coffee roasting, it is very important to have a good idea of the amount of coffee that is consumed per week. As ground home coffee stays at its optimum flavor within 4-5 days of its roasting it is therefore advisable to pick up a medium to small sized roasting device.

There are many varieties of green coffee beans, but the quality of those you consume are only chosen by yourself. You need to pick the quality by yourself, by analyzing the structure, the appearance (which furthermore determines the quality) and the soil in which these have been cultivated and from where they have been harvested. These beans can also be roasted, in case you want to boil a coffee in the old-fashioned way, relaxed at home.

Roasting Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are, in fact, the raw material of all the coffee varieties you already know. The land of coffee, both economically and earthly, is still Brazil. Even though the market of green coffee has been practically bombarded with Robusta coffee beans from Vietnam by the indirect, outside pressure of the World Bank through the French government, it is believed the influx of cheap coffee results for the financial crisis from 2001. It seems this quality, financial abuse continues and there is not too much we can do about it.

Robusta coffee was already traded in London at lower prices than New York’s Arabica. These are the coffees that have been chosen for trading by many industrial coffee empires, multinational roasters and producers of instant coffee. These coffees are chosen and perpetuated due to their low prices. Also, there are some rare and more expensive varieties of Robusta, such as: the Indonesian Kopi Luwak and the Philippine Kape Alamid.

A green coffee bean needs to be roasted, if you want to consume it in your everyday coffee. When going through this process, the bean’s size expands to almost double, the color changes and the density drops. When the bean receives heat, it changes its color into yellow and lastly cinnamon brown. In this step, the bean which has been green exceeds moisture. At 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the color of the bean turns brown, while some natural oil is released from the inside. This is the thing that gives coffee beans their amazing flavor. There is a direct proportionality between the amount of oil released and the flavor of the resulted coffee. When being roasted, the green beans crack from inside, eliminating more oil than initially.

Where to Buy Green Coffee

The best places to get your green coffee beans are online. It is better to get them online rather than from local over the counter shops. There are even distributors who can sell green coffee beans in bulk, at a fraction of price.

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